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The Robanov kot valley

Trail to Robanov kot

The Robanov kot trail starts at the Govc-Vršnik tourist farm. Instead, you may also opt to park your vehicle at the car park in front of one of the oldest Slovenian farms known as Roban. The Robanov kot valley named after the ancient Roban farm which has been inhabited for more than 800 years. Continue straight ahead in the direction of Mt. Ojstrica, which should always guide your trail.

This pleasant mountain path that is also suitable for families, leads past some really exceptional corners in the Robanov Kot Landscape Park.

About mid-way to your destination there opens up a panorama of the Roban meadow sustaining grazing cows during the season – a true pastoral idyll. The trail then continues through the valley into the forest and towards Robanov kot with a seasonally-operational mountain dairy, where they will be more than glad to serve you a healthy portion of soured milk or a delicious home-cooked snack. For a heartier dinner do not hesitate to stop by at the Govc-Vršnik farm on your way back.

Robanov kot is a true hidden jewel of Slovenian Alpine valleys, hosting far fewer visitors compared to the neighbouring Logar Valley. Its natural beauties, tranquillity and inaccessibility make Robanov kot a sanctuary in between the mountains, which have assisted in preserving the heritage of the solitary Alpine farms until today. Here, there are no holiday cottages – only solid mountain farms. On the locals’ initiative, the valley was put under protection already in 1950, while in 1987 it was designated a landscape park, prohibiting the use of motorised vehicles such as motorcycles and cars, though welcoming hiking or cycling visitors. 

Starting point: Govc-Vršnik tourist farm
Difficulty: an easy hiking trail along the valley
Duration: 1h
Main attraction: the Robanov kot Alpine valley

Mountain trail to Mt. Strelovec

Mt. Strelovec may be reached by following the hiking trail past the Knez farm high above Robanov kot. The farm is accessible either by car or on foot on the gravel road leading up from the valley. Then, hikers continue along a blazed mountain trail along the sunny slope of the pastures under Mt. Strehalca and onwards towards Mt. Strelovec summit (1,763m).

In the summer, the area becomes the grazing ground of the famous Jezersko-Solčava sheep. After reaching the ridge of Mt. Strelovec, hikers are faced with an exquisite vista of Robanov kot and the Logar Valley as well as the mighty peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Continue either towards Mt. Plesnik or Klemenča Cave towering over the Logar Valley or back towards the Knez farm above Robanov kot.

Starting points: Knez farm high above Robanov kot
Difficulty: easy to moderately difficult mountain trail
Duration: 2h 30min
Main attraction: the panorama of two beautiful Alpine valleys