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Solčava panoramic road

Šikančeva zijavka themed trail

According to the stories from our forefathers, once upon a time at Matkov kot, there was a glacial lake. As the legend goes, it was Lintver the dragon that smashed the lake bank with its mighty tail, letting loose the waters approximately 1,200 years ago, when the ravaging flood submerged the valley. Upon arriving at the Lamotje ravine, visitors are first greeted with a view of the Jezera stream flowing across a small dam towards the Logar Valley.

Straight ahead in the mighty rock wall lies the lair of Lintver the dragon. In times long ago, the cave was the home of the village eccentric and poacher known as Šikanc and his children, hence the name Šikančeva zijavka (Šikanc cave). Millennia before Šikanc, however, the cave was inhabited by Lintver the dragon, which is still remembered on this very day albeit in a different form.

Visitors should not be surprised at the view of a wooden boat, similar to those once tied to the Ribčeva peč rock used by fishermen living near where the lake used to be.

Difficulty: a themed trail
Duration: 10min
Warning: visitors enter the Šikanc cave at their own discretion (risk of Lintver the dragon and the occasional falling rock).
Main attraction: Šikančeva zijavka (Šikanc cave) – lair of Lintver the dragon

Themed trail to the Potočka zijavka – the Bear trail

Visitors heading for the Potočka zijavka archaeological site usually start from the Rogar tourist farmat the foot of Olševa (1,250m), the highest tourist farm providing accommodation in Slovenia. The walk to the Potočka zijavka cave takes about an hour. Here, visitors continue along the bear trail past the Firšt inn and museum and the Rogar farm and onwards to the Potočka zijavka.

The Potočka zijavka cave at Olševa is the first archaeological site from the old Stone Age (Palaeolithic) discovered in Slovenia. The cave contained many skeletons of cave bears as well as other ice age animals. What is more, approx. 35,000 years ago, Potočka zijavka was also home to primitive man, that is the Cro-Magnon. Also found at Potočka zijavka were the world’s oldest bone sewing needle along with various tools, arrowheads, bone flutes, iron oxide pigments (ochre) as well as several campfires. New discoveries show that the Potočka zijavka cave was once a ritual place of the Cro-Magnon hunters. 

Starting points: Solčava, Valentina accommodation /Rogar tourist farm
Difficulty: an easy, partly moderately difficult walking suitable for families
Duration: 2h from Valentina accommodation /1h from Rogar tourist farm
Main attraction: the Potočka zijavka archaeological site, the Potočka zijavka permanent exhibition (Guest house nad museum Firšt)

Trail to the Grohot mountain pasture

The starting point of the trail leading to the Grohot mountain pasture is the Bukovc (Bukovnik) excursion farm located at the foot of Mt. Raduha at an elevation of 1,327m, which is considered the highest farm in Slovenia.

This easy hiking trail leading past pastures will take you approx. 45 minutes to reach the Grohot mountain lodge below Mt. Raduha (1,460m) – visitors may also take advantage of the paved road. The Grohot mountain lodge is a cosy mountain shelter at the Grohot mountain pasture below the northern walls of Mt. Raduha.

The Grohot mountain pasture is an element of the Solčava Panoramic Road (orange trail). In summer or winter, guests are invited to sit on the terrace and enjoy the warm and pleasant rays of sun while delighting in the local delicacies while children play with the wooden sheep. The lodge is famous for its read-made stews, while the friendly hosts will also happily provide guests with other delicacies.

Visitors should enjoy the spectacular panoramas of the surrounding peaks of Mt. Lanež, Olševa and Peca as well as the northern wall of Mt. Raduha, frequented by mountain climbers testing themselves on various climbing routes. On your way back be sure to drop by the Bukovc excursion farm and try their famous delicacies.

Starting points: Bukovc (Bukovnik) excursion farm
Difficulty: an easy hiking trail
Duration: 1h
Main attraction: the Grohot mountain pastures offering exquisite views – Alpine farming