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The Matkov kot valley

Matkov kot and Matkov škaf mountain trail

Matkov kot may be accessed from the lookout point near the Matk homestead and tourist farm at an elevation of 1,165m amidst a tiny hidden valley at Matkov kot.

Visitors are then lead along an easy mountain path towards Matkov kot. There, it becomes more difficult and continues onwards to the natural landmark known as Matkov škaf (reccommended use of crampons and ice axes, even in summer) at an elevation of 1,480m. This crater-like snow pit is filled in summer with snow, while in the spring, the thick layer of snow is shaped into a funnel by a slowly trickling waterfall.

This peaceful valley was also named after the ancient Matk farm located along one of its faces. Matkov kot is also the home of four Alpine farms. They provide plenty of opportunity for culinary delights. 

Starting points: the lookout point near the Matk tourist farm
Diffuclty: a moderately difficult hiking trail
Duration: 30min to the Matkov kot hunting cabin and another 2h to Matkov škaf
Main attraction: the crater-like snow pit Matkov škaf