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Themed trail to the Solčava Yew tree

The themed trail to the Solčava Yew tree begins at the centre of the village of Solčava. It then continues along the Jurčef stream until reaching Tisa Bar. A narrow forest trail follows the stream, then crosses the road in the direction of Podolševa. This is the perfect opportunity to stray from the path and visit the Ramšak organic tourist farm.

At Ramšak, visitors are offered delicacies from the home pantry or instead may try the popular Ramšak energy bar made from quality and highly-nutritious ingredients.

The Solčava yew tree themed trail continues winding along the stream, then turns left at the Ravnčar homestead and then across the slope of Huda peč in the direction of the recently renovated Hribernik homestead.

On their way, hikers should observe the forest vegetation and look for animal tracks. Also the interpretation boards are very informative, providing an insight into the forest biosphere. At the Hribernik homestead near the old house is the ancient yew tree (Taxus baccata L.). Experts have estimated the age of the Solčava yew tree at approx. 700 to 900 years.

Visitors should take advantage of the opportunity and relax underneath the ancient yew tree and feel the mysterious energy emanating from the tree which has existed for centuries. The trail then descends sharply towards Solčava until reaching the Rinka Centre.

Starting point: Solčava village centre
Diffuclty: an easy walking circular trail
Duration: 1h 15min (circular trail)
Main attraction: the natural monument, the Solčava Yew tree (estimated age between 700 and 900 years)

Fida's Grove themed trail

Fida’s Grove themed trail on herbalism begins at the Guest house and museum Firšt just off the main road, a mere 2 kilometres removed from the entrance to the Logar Valley Landscape Park, as well as Solčava. 

At the inn, visitors should get their hands on a guide who will lead them on a 1-to-2 hour hike – depending on your preference – through Fida’s Grove, the cave, the garden as well as the Patient health exhibition. Also available are guided tours (by prior arrangement).

The medicinal plant garden located in an idyllic clearing in the forest was designed according to the book Patient Health (Zdravje bolnikov) from 1866 by the local healer and scholar Vid Strgar – Fida. For nine years, Fida’s Cave was the healer’s home and refuge. Looking at the cave, visitors cannot help but sympathise with the modest living conditions while descending even deeper towards a small cavern. The cavern contains various developing underground Karst formations, giving visitors the opportunity to reflect and meditate in complete silence. The well-kept forest trail also leads towards a small source of pure mountain water.

Starting point: Guest house and museum Firšt at the entrance to the Logar Valley along the main road, only 2 km from the Logar Valley Landscape Park
Difficulty: an easy walking trail suitable for families
Duration: 1 to 2 hours
Main attraction: the medicinal plant garden and the residence of the healer and scholar Vid Strgar

Themed trail to the Potočka zijavka – the Bear trail

Potočka zijavka archaeological site lies at the foot of Olševa (1,250m).The walk to the Potočka zijavka cave takes about 2 hours. Bear trail goes past the Guest house and museum Firšt, where there is a permanent exhibition about Potočka zijavka, to the the Rogar farm and onwards to the Potočka zijavka.

The Potočka zijavka cave at Olševa is the first archaeological site from the old Stone Age (Palaeolithic) discovered in Slovenia. The cave contained many skeletons of cave bears as well as other ice age animals. What is more, approx. 35,000 years ago, Potočka zijavka was also home to primitive man, that is the Cro-Magnon. Also found at Potočka zijavka were the world’s oldest bone sewing needle along with various tools, arrowheads, bone flutes, iron oxide pigments (ochre) as well as several campfires. New discoveries show that the Potočka zijalka cave was once a ritual place of the Cro-Magnon hunters.

Starting points: Solčava, Valentina accommodation /Rogar tourist farm
Difficulty: an easy, partly moderately difficult walking suitable for families
Duration: 2h from Valentina accommodation /1h from Rogar tourist farm
Main attraction: the Potočka zijavka archaeological site, the Potočka zijavka permanent exhibition (Guest house nad museum Firšt)