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Logar Valley

Themed trail through the Logar Valley

The trail through the Logar Valley is an educational and ethnographic trail leading through the beautiful corners of unspoilt nature in the Logar Valley Landscape Park. Including, among others, the source of the Savinja, mighty boulders, small museums dedicated to logging and charcoal production, a hunting tower, a giant juniper tree and much more. The trail ends dramatically at the Rinka Fall.

Approximately a kilometre after leaving town, visitors enter the Logar Valley. To the right, immediately before crossing the bridge, they will be met with wooden signposts. The 7-kilometre trail will take about 3 hours at a moderate pace (one direction).

Alternatively, hikers can take shorter routes by starting along the trail at various locations along the valley. Consider hiring a tour guide for more details and information about the sights along the trail as well as many interesting myths. 

Starting point: 1km after entering the Logar Valley Landscape Park (hikers may instead opt for shorter routes by starting along the trail at various locations in the valley)
Difficulty: an easy, educational and ethnographic trail
Duration: 3h (single direction trail, 7km)
Main attraction: the glacial alpine valley – the Logar Valley and Rinka Fall

Trail to the waterfall Rinka

At the end of the Logar Valley is a large car park (visitors travelling by car must pay an admission fee). Your contribution will help protect the unspoiled nature of the Logar Valley Landscape Park). The Rinka Fall are located in the upper section of the valley – accessible from the parking area at the end of the paved road along the easy blazed trail in a mere 15 minutes. The Rinka Fall plunge from the wide face of the rock and it is the second highest waterfall in Slovenia with a height of 90m.

Near the Rinka Fall is the Orlovo gnezdo snack bar, providing hikers with refreshments on their way to Mt. Okrešelj. Upon returning, do not forget to purchase an interesting souvenir in the wooden cabin by the parking area.

Starting point: the car park at the end of the Logar Valley 
Difficulty: an easy walking trail
Duration: 15min
Main attraction: the Rinka Fall

Mountain trail to Okrešelj

From the Rinka Fall, hikers may continue onwards to Okrešelj, where they will be heartily greeted by the caretaker at the Frischauf Hut. Along the trail be sure to drink from the source of the Savinja. The walk from Rinka Fall to the hut at Mt. Okrešelj takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.

At the top near the Frischauf hut a small valley opens up beneath the towering peaks of the Kamnik–Savinja Alps. From here, the most daring hikers may head across the Kamnik–Savinja mountain pass towards Jezersko and the Kranjska koča hut at Ledine (Ledina Plateau – glacier underneath Mt. Skuta).

Starting points: from the Rinka Fall in the direction of Okrešelj
Difficulty: moderately difficult mountain trail
Duration: 1h
Main attraction: Okrešelj – Glacial cirque with unique flora, Ledine, glacier

Mountain trail to the Klemenča jama

The Klemenča jama may be reached from various directions. One of the easier trails leads past the Fairytale Forest near the Na Razpotju inn or the trail starting at the Dom planincev mountain lodge in the Logar Valley.

Near the famous memorials dedicated to Johannes Fischauf and Fran Kocbek is the car park. Both were explorers and admirers of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps (born in the 19thcentury, died in 1924 and 1930, respectively, leaving behind a rich cultural heritage).

Continue on foot along the pleasant mountain trail until reaching the Klemenča jama lodge after an hour’s walk. Visitors will be able to admire the small Alpine cirque located amidst the highest peaks in the area (Mt. Ojstrica, 2,350m). Hikers may take advantage of the tasty homemade food both at the beginning and end of the trail.

A 10 minutes’ walk from the hut near the Klemenča jama is the famous larch tree with the greatest girth in Slovenia. 

Starting point: past the Fairytale Forest near the Na Razpotju inn or from the Dom planincev mountain lodge in the Logar Valley (car park by the Johannes Frischauf and Fran Kocbek memorials)
Difficulty: moderately difficult mountain trail
Duration: 1h
Main attraction: the larch tre e with the greatest girth in Slovenia, glacial cirque at the foot of Mt. Ojstrica

Trail to the mineral water spring

The starting point is located approx. 300m from the Logar Valley entrance from the direction of Solčava – that is the Podbreg parking area. From the parking area, the forest trail leads in the direction of the Na Klemenčem farmstead (about an hour’s walk).

The Klemenšek farmstead is known for the exquisite vistas of the valley and surrounding mountain tops, while also noteworthy is the actual farm itself. Namely, it is one of the most frequently photographed farms in Slovenia, and often occupies the covers of domestic as well as foreign tourist brochures. What makes it so special is the roofing, composed entirely of larch shingles. The farm is known for its award-winning cured meat products made from pork and beef from animals raised at the very homestead, complemented with salt from Piran, garlic water, pepper and sugar.

From the Na Klemenčem farm, hikers continue for another 15 minutes along the Solčava Panoramic Road until reaching the mineral water spring. The mineral water source at the foot of Mt. Olševa is considered an extraordinary natural attraction in the Solčava region, and has also been declared a natural monument. The source was created along a tectonic break separating the Savinja Alps from the Karavanks. The water is drinkable, however, its taste is rather unusual.

Starting point: the Podbreg car park, immediately before entering the Logar Valley Landscape Park
Difficulty: moderately difficult mountain trail
Duration: 1h in 30min
Main attraction: the source of mineral water – believed to possess healing powers based on its high iron and carbon dioxide content

Thematic trail Fairytale forest

Fairytale forest is located in the direct vicinity of the Guesthouse "Na Razpotju" on approximately 20.000 square meters of forest area. It presents the most beautiful world classic fairy tales and also fairy tales of Slovene authors and Slovene and local folk stories.

In the forest and on the meadow, there is a playground for children's pleasure. All the structures and most of the fairy tale characters are made of natural materials (wood, straw, stone...). Each fairy tale is presented by a framed plot with the original title of the story and its author.

Starting point: Guest house Na Razpotju
Difficulty: thematic round forest trail
Duration: 30min up to 2h
Main attraction: the Slovene fairy tales and folk stories creatures and learning about nature

Fida's Grove themed trail

Fida’s Grove themed trail on herbalism begins at the Guest house and museum Firšt just off the main road, a mere 2 kilometres removed from the entrance to the Logar Valley Landscape Park, as well as Solčava. 

At the inn, visitors should get their hands on a guide who will lead them on a 1-to-2 hour hike – depending on your preference – through Fida’s Grove, the cave, the garden as well as the Patient health exhibition. Also available are guided tours (by prior arrangement).

The medicinal plant garden located in an idyllic clearing in the forest was designed according to the book Patient Health (Zdravje bolnikov) from 1866 by the local healer and scholar Vid Strgar – Fida. For nine years, Fida’s Cave was the healer’s home and refuge. Looking at the cave, visitors cannot help but sympathise with the modest living conditions while descending even deeper towards a small cavern. The cavern contains various developing underground Karst formations, giving visitors the opportunity to reflect and meditate in complete silence. The well-kept forest trail also leads towards a small source of pure mountain water.

Starting point: Guest house and museum Firšt at the entrance to the Logar Valley along the main road, only 2km from the Logar Valley Landscape Park
Difficulty: an easy walking trail suitable for families
Duration: 2h
Main attraction: the medicinal plant garden and the residence of the healer and scholar Vid Strgar

Themed trail to the Potočka zijavka – the Bear trail

Potočka zijavka archaeological site lies at the foot of Olševa (1,250m).The walk to the Potočka zijavka cave takes about 2 hours. Bear trail goes past the Guest house and museum Firšt, where there is a permanent exhibition about Potočka zijavka, to the the Rogar farm and onwards to the Potočka zijavka.

The Potočka zijavka cave at Olševa is the first archaeological site from the old Stone Age (Palaeolithic) discovered in Slovenia. The cave contained many skeletons of cave bears as well as other ice age animals. What is more, approx. 35,000 years ago, Potočka zijavka was also home to primitive man, that is the Cro-Magnon. Also found at Potočka zijavka were the world’s oldest bone sewing needle along with various tools, arrowheads, bone flutes, iron oxide pigments (ochre) as well as several campfires. New discoveries show that the Potočka zijalka cave was once a ritual place of the Cro-Magnon hunters.

Starting points: Solčava, Valentina accommodation /Rogar tourist farm
Difficulty: an easy, partly moderately difficult walking suitable for families
Duration: 2h from the Valentina accommodation /1h from Rogar tourist farm
Main attraction: the Potočka zijalka archaeological site, the Potočka zijavka permanent exhibition (Guest house nad museum Firšt)