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About a shepherd boy looking for his sheep

Krištof the shepherd boy, the distant descendant of a baby in a crib left on the doorstep of the church after a severe flood caused by Lintver the dragon, lost five sheep in a severe storm during the night.

The shepherd boy sets out on the road and he's asking for help from good people, especially children who see things which adults can no longer see, and also Lintver the Younger, a descendant of the dragon which once ruled in the lake where today the Matkov kot valley is located.

A long time ago, the old Lintver pecked the wall between Klemenča peč and Orlovec ridge, which retained the lake, so that it flew away, whereby a larch with seven tops killed the dragon. The shepherd boy promises a lovely prize to each and everyone who helps him get back the lost sheep to the fold; back to Solčava.

Krištof the shepherd boy

Krištof the shepherd boy is a brave and diligent boy who carries within himself all the strength and humour of the old farmers from Solčava. As a descendant of the infant who a long time ago was swept away by a flood, he almost has miraculous powers as he feels close to nature and sees things that the eyes of people today no longer see.

Lintver the dragon

The dragon, Lintver junior is a powerful and fearsome dragon, just as nature itself is fearsome when it rages from the high peaks into the valleys. At the same time, it is also admirable in its fearsome beauty. It is a symbol of evil and incomprehensible natural justice.

Solčava sheep – Bicka

Solčava sheep have always been famous and original, with a cute tear around the eyes. They are distinguished by their excellent wool and are fully adjusted to the steep pastures and rocks. They are an important part of our natural and cultural heritage.

What is the story all about?

The story of Krištof the shepherd boy and the young dragon Lintver is a story about a relationship between man and the mysterious and uncontrollable, but beautiful nature. The story of mutual respect and vigorous strength, which tells us that in order to live a full, satisfying and successful life, we have to respect nature and its laws, and bravely insist on our way despite the difficulties.