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Solčava panoramic road

The route with the most beautiful views

The Solčava panoramic road is like the experience of our first love. It is unique in its beauty, taking you along the pearls of the natural and cultural heritage of the Solčava Region, with breathtaking views of the peaks and valleys and past subsistence highland farms, producing everything nature offers and man creates with love.

Together with Krištof the shepherd boy it traces his lost sheep from the village of Solčava, along the trail of their proud masters and shepherds, with twenty unforgettable stops across a large portion of the region, which also includes the Logar Valley, Robanov kot, Matkov kot, and Podolševa.

It leads you through timeless experiences and mysteries surrounding Lintver the dragon and the creation of these mysterious places full of originality.

How to set out on the trail

Set out on the Solčava panoramic road with a total length of 37 km by car, motorcycle, bike or on foot. 

The trails can be selected based on your means of transport and the available time.
  • Shorter day trips can be used to experience the central portion of the route with a length of 21 km and 12 stops (green markings on the map). The route mostly leads you along a paved state road with only a small portion being a gravel road. 
  • If you are on a day trip, you can continue along the road to Matkov kot. It is 8 km long with three stops (blue markings on the map), offering magnificent views over the glacial valley.
  • If you are staying in the area for at least one more day, you can additionally take a 6km trip along the road towards the Bukovc (Bukovnik) farm and take a half-an-hour-long walk to the Grohot mountain pasture (orange markings on the map). 
  • For longer visits to the Solčava region lasting several days the Solčava panoramic road can also be a wonderful starting point for a variety of themed hiking and easy mountaineering routes of which there are 15 roughly twelve altogether (dotted line on the map).
  • Entry points: The Solčava panoramic road offers four entry points. These are the village of Solčava, the Logar Valley, Zgornje Sleme from Carinthia’s side and the Pavličevo sedlo international border crossing from Austria.
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Why to take this route and what it offers

Anywhere and at any time, Krištof the shepherd boy takes you to interesting and mysterious locations, revealing a part of the story to you, and Lintver the dragon assigns the shepherd boy and you to certain tasks.

On the way, highland farms offer you rooms for overnight accommodation, delicious cuisine and very special culinary delicacies, and many natural and cultural attractions and diverse activities. 20 stops and 15 additional themed hiking and easy mountaineering trails. Many informative and panoramic boards will help you along the way.

And, while you are on this route, you are accompanied by excellent views throughout the time. Therefore, take your time, find a stick, breathe in fresh air and take a hike!