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Žibovt tourist farm

Žibovt tourist farm
Logarska dolina 24, SI-3335 Solčava
+386 (0)3 58 47 118
+386 (0)41 990 076

Number of beds: 12
Number of seats - dining area: 45
Bookings: Prior bookings preferred.

Best from milk and wood

The shepherd boy Krištof likes to use the young dragon Lintver as his excuse saying that it cannot do without water. Indeed, the wetland is very usual so high in the mountains. However, he likes to stop at the Žibovt farm himself. Partly because of the educational wooden toys, but even more so because of all the sweet dairy delicacies. He is going to indulge in so many beautiful things and tasty food. But he must find his sheep before midnight.

On the Žibovt farm

The homestead lies on a plain amidst the mountains and is surrounded by meadows and forests. The mighty pear tree and luxurious linden tree provide a welcoming shade in the summer. The home-made cuisine is based particularly on seasonal ingredients found in the garden, the meadows and forests while simultaneously respecting tradition. Among the ingredients are also honey-based products collected by the busy bees, supplying the local population steadily with their sweet nectar while ensuring the biotic diversity of the region. Children are certain to enjoy the large grassy yard while parents take a moment to relax in the cool shade of the walnut tree. Home-made wooden board games and toys will provide all the necessary entertainment.

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