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The lookout point and the Klemenšek excursion farm

Klemenšek excursion farm
Logarska dolina 29, SI-3335 Solčava
+386 (0)3 838 90 24
+386 (0)41 593 715

Total number of seats - dining area: 30 seats in the rustic room, and 30 in the garden pavilion, and in case the weather is sunny also dining for smaller groups outdoors
Booking: For a complete culinary experience, prior bookings are preferred.

The most stunning panoramic view

You cannot help but stop at the lookout point near the Klemenšek farm and admire the dizzy cliffs of the sharp-peaked mountains. Or maybe rest your eyes on the soft meadows of the Logar Valley deep below regardless if you are in a hurry like Krištof, or maybe hungry like Lintver, the greedy dragon. 

On the Klemenšek farm

The Klemenšek farmstead is known for the exquisite vistas of the valley and surrounding mountain tops, while also noteworthy is the actual farm. Namely, it is one of the most frequently photographed farms in Slovenia, and often occupies the covers of domestic as well as foreign tourist brochures. What makes it so special is the roofing, composed entirely of larch shingles. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to enjoy their renowned culinary delicacies, in particular cured meat products, or to tour the 90-hectare farm cultivating the autochthonous Cika cattle, Alpine goats and Carniolan honey bees. When you truly wish to seize the day, join in the seasonal chores, such as turning and collecting the hay and as well as stacking the livestock fodder in the barns. 

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