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The church of the Holy Spirit and the Strevc tourist farm

Strevc tourist farm
Podolševa 26, SI-3335 Solčava
+386 (0)3 838 60 20
+386 (0)40 477 909

Total number of beds: 12
Number of seats - dining area: 45
Bookings: Prior booking is necessary.

White doves and meditation

Krištof the shepherd boy hopes to find his sheep where there used to be some white rocks that later miraculously turned into white doves, where the world is colourful just like from a fairy tale, within arm’s reach. Where every traveller halts in their steps to take in the extensive views, overwhelmed by the beauty, and once more finds themselves in love with this world. Who knows if it can be found in the Church of the Holy Spirit?

On the Strevc farm

The Strevc tourist farm stay is located along the Church of the Holy Spirit beneath the Potočka zijavka at the foot of Mt. Olševa at an elevation of 1,235 m. The inhabitants of the farm, each of them an expert on herbs and mushrooms, never continues to amaze with its home-cooked delicacies, regardless of the season. Children will be enthused by the different farm animals, in particular the kittens and Laika the dog. An hour’s walk away is the Potočka zijavka archaeological site. The farm is also the perfect starting point for trips to Mt. Olševa, Mt. Raduha, Mt. Peca as well as other summits of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

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