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Spring of the mineral water

The source of Life

Will Krištof perhaps find his sheep at the highly special and unique mineral water source, so rich with iron that even the stones flowed over by the water have turned rusty? Some believe that it provides eternal youth, but it certainly heals and provides joy and strength. The source is strong and stable as long as young Lintver, the mischievous dragon, does not drink all the water.

The mineral water spring at the foot of Mt. Olševa is considered an extraordinary natural attraction in the Solčava region, and has also been declared a natural landmark. The spring was created along a tectonic break separating the Savinja Alps from the Karawanks. The water is believed to possess healing powers based on its high iron and carbon dioxide contents. The water is drinkable, however, its taste is rather unusual. Visitors may use the various wooden spoons stored in the stand by the mineral water spring to try the water.

The spring is located approx. 50 m below the Solčava panoramic road near the Klemenšek farm. More accurately, it is hidden in one of the ravines interrupted by the steep Solčava cliffs. The source is well maintained while its surroundings are covered in a reddish-brown sediment.

Opinion by the Mineral water development and research centre in Maribor dated 11 December 1981: "The water from the spring underneath Mt. Olševa is a specific natural mineral water rich in iron, calcium-magnesium-bicarbonate type, which has never before been discovered in Slovenia."

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