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Solčava Yew tree

The majestic observer of history

The Solčava yew tree is a time machine, taking us 700 years back into the past, to the period when Lintver the dragon drained the lake. The tree was witness to the genesis of the myths associated with the region as well as its people. Until this day, it still bears poisonous red berries, and it cannot be a coincidence that it was at this very location that Krištof the shepherd boy, searching for his lost flock of sheep, met young Lintver the dragon, which offered his assistance. However, the dragon might still prove a nuisance along the way.

A mere 20-minutes of pleasant walking along the forest trail from Solčava, hikers will find at the Hribernik homestead the ancient yew tree (Taxus baccata L.). Its age has been estimated between 700 and 900 years according to the experts, while some even claim it is older than a 1,000. The Solčava yew tree is female and still bears red berries.

The tree’s girth measures 340 cm (1,3 m above the ground), its diameter 108 cm and its height 13 m. Due to its location at the top of the hill, its top was damaged numerous times, hence its relatively low height. However, other sources claim that the tree top was once used by locals in the production of Palm Sunday palms as well as wreaths. The Solčava Yew tree was declared a natural monument due to its impressive size.

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