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Ramšak tourist farm

Ramšak tourist farm
Podolševa 13 , SI-3335 Solčava
+386 (0)3 584 60 50

Number of beds: 7
Number of seats in the seating area - restaurant: 15
Prior announcement: They only accept stationary guests. For catering services and groups, which wish to have a tour of the tourist farm, a prior announcement is necessary.

The wondrous powers of water and food

Dragons love water, so it was no coincidence that Krištof the shepherd boy was brought by young Lintver to catch fish. There, just like its father, Lintver would swing its tail, creating mighty waves on the long-gone Matkov kot lake. The cows swept away by the rising waters were in turn eaten by the crafty dragon. The home-grown produce cultivated without chemicals, so common these days, possesses special powers, so Krištof did not hesitate to accept the healthy nourishing food gifted at the Ramšak homestead while searching for his lost sheep.

At the Ramšak tourist farm

The Ramšak organic tourist farm is located along the Solčava Panoramic Road at a sunny plain at the foot of Olševa, 1.3km from the Solčava village. Guests will be able to experience authentic and traditional everyday life on the farms in Solčava and enjoy a varied selection of organic delicacies. At the farm there is a playground for children, and in the immediate vicinity of the stream running along the forest, is a pond, providing the perfect spot to relax, while those who possess the skill and curiosity may even succeed in catching some very special fish. 

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