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Matkov kot lookout point and the Matk tourist farm

Matk organic tourist farm
Logarska dolina 21, SI-3335 Solčava
+386 (0)3 584 71 16
+386 (0)41 556 752

Number of beds: 16
Number of seats - dining area: 35
Prior bookings required.

Breathtaking intricacies of nature

Young Lintver, the evil dragon, is trying to persuade Krištof that his sheep must have gone to get water far away through Matkov kot at the foot of the Mrzla gora mountain in the huge Matkov škaf, a snow pit carved by a waterfall. Were the pit full of water and not the shivering fear that accumulated in it when Matkov kot was still a lake and the old Lintver its gruesome landlord, a thousand sheep could drink from it.

On the Matk farm

The homestead lies at an elevation of 1,165 m amidst a tiny hidden valley at Matkov kot. The estate stretches from the valley bottom until Matkov kot, nestled amidst the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karawanks. Here, visitors will enjoy the spectacular colour palette of endless forests, be it spring or autumn. The Matk family has been primarily cultivating livestock endemic to Slovenia, which are considered indigenous. For decades, they have been the holders of the organic farm certificate. In the immediate vicinity of the farm there are numerous exciting hiking trails. What is more, the area is more than suitable for every lover of mountaineering, traditional farming or family life on an alpine farm. 

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