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Majerhold mountain hut

Majerhold mountain hut
Logarska dolina 24, SI-3335 Solčava
+386 (0)3 584 71 24
+386 (0)41 336 864

Number of beds: 22
Number of seats - dining area: 55 seats inside the house, 30 seats on the terrace, 25 seats in the garden
Booking: Individual guests and small groups require no prior booking (bookings in case of large groups only).

Forest and forest berries

Lintver, the young dragon, is teasing Krištof that his sheep had run away to Carinthia, where an ancient trail leads over the Pavličevo sedlo pass. Not that long ago, women were mostly the ones that carried heavy loads across the pass since the people from Solčava used to run their errands in Carinthia. Back then, there were still no roads to Luče and one had to wade through the Savinja river at the famous Igla ("Needle") rock if one wanted to reach Styria. And a refreshment with tasty mixed berries is worth its weight in gold.

Majerhold mountain hut

The Majerhold Mountain Hut was designed as a unique little "village" nestled among the lush forests of Matkov kot at an elevation of 1,150m. It overlooks the majestic mountain peaks merely 2km from the border crossing with Austria, namely the Pavličevo sedlo mountain pass. It is composed of the main building and restaurant, three guest houses and three bungalows. Along with serenity and relaxation, the location provides plenty of recreational opportunities in unspoiled nature, be it summer or winter, and is famous for its home-cooked delicacies. Their culinary creations are made from natural and organic ingredients cultivated in their own garden or picked in the surrounding forests.

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