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Macesnik farm and Majdač tourist farm

Tourist farm Majdač
Podolševa 10, 3335 Solčava
+386 (0)3 839 49 40
+386 (0)31 318 332

The power of water, the beauty of wood

Krištof the shepherd boy has experienced both the healing and destructive powers of water. Indeed, Lintver is born when the rooster turns seven, and lays an egg the size of a small walnut. Then, if and when the egg is dropped into the water, a dragon is hatched. At the foot of Mt. Macesnik, water powers every device and machine used by man, while on the other hand the farm is seriously threatened by a landslide resulting from the action of the water. Beautiful vistas from the Macesnik homestead extend all the way from the alpine foothills to the steep walls of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karawanks.

At the foot of Mt. Macesnik

The popular spot near the Macesnik farm, which is first and foremost a great observation point also known as a testament to the wonders of water-powered machinery, is bound to leave you breathless. In the past, water would propel the sawmills, threshers and various other mills, and later even small hydroelectric power plants. Nearby is the imposing Macesnik landslide, the largest active landslide in Slovenia measuring in at over two kilometres, and a testimony to the destructive power of water.

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