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Logar Valley

The most beautiful alpine valley in Slovenia

You must be curious if Krištof and young Lintver, the lonely dragon, found the missing sheep and if they are waiting for you at the entrance into the most beautiful valley in the world. Perhaps they are still waiting in Solčava for you to help them find the sheep.

The Logar Valley is considered one of the most beautiful and most frequently portrayed alpine glacial valleys in Europe. This most easily recognizable landmark of the Solčava region is nestled in the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

The appeal of the Logar Valley lies in the essence of the natural environment and landmarks, while also leaving their marks on the region are the farms, shaping the cultural landscape through the centuries. It was declared a landscape park in 1987.

The valley measures 7km in length and is on average 250m wide. Its lower part is known as Log, home of the Logar family, the middle is called Plest and is governed by the Plesnik family, while the upper section is known as Kot. The valley is enclosed in its upper section by the cirque underneath Mt. Okrešelj, known in particular for the famous Rinka Fall, the source of the ice-cold Savinja at an altitude of 1,280m, which is considered one of the most beautiful and one of the highest waterfalls in Slovenia.

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