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Lamotje Gorge

Home of Lintver the dragon

When Krištof reaches the lair of the old Lintver dragon, he asks the young dragon what had driven its father to breach the barrier, destroying its own home, and actually killing itself. Did he maybe know that a flood would create even more beautiful nature in the Solčava region? Krištof couldn’t stop himself from teasing the young Lintver about how angry its father would have been had it known that its home would be taken by the poacher Šikanc with his large family. 

In the middle of the Matkov kot valley, there is the source of the Jezera stream. Downstream, the stream has deepened the valley, creating a narrow gorge, whereas at the entrance into the Logar Valley, it has created the picturesque Lamotje gorge in the limestone rock. During the Pleistocene epoch, a glacier filled the valley and reached as far as the present day Logar Valley, merging with the glacier there.

Our story of Krištof the shepherd boy is slowly unravelling, and will soon reach its climax. The atmosphere in the narrow ravine is gloomy and creepy. Visitors will observe a dugout and high in the rock face the head of the terrifying father of Lintver the dragon.

The place tells the story of the creation of Matkov kot, when Lintver the dragon with its mighty tail broke through the barrier, draining the lake approx. 1,200 years ago, devastating the valley with a powerful flood. The flood also carried with it a crib – and at the location where the raging waters spewed out the crib, the locals would find a living and breathing baby, in turn erecting the Solčava village church dedicated to St. Mary of the Snows. 

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