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Grohot mountain pasture and the Grohot mountain lodge

Grohot mountain lodge
Podolševa 29, SI-3335 Solčava
+386 (0)41 417 951
Number of beds: 47
Number of seats - dining area: 50 in the house, 100 on the terrace
Bookings: The lodge is open from the beginning of June until the end of September on a daily basis; in May and October at weekends and holidays; in winter upon arrangement with the caretaker.

A pastoral idyll

Where else would our shepherd boy Krištof look for his sheep if not on the mountain pasture, which is a true shepherd’s paradise. But his journey was in vain. Maybe young Lintver brought him here because it knows that the larch with seven tops does not grow here. The dragon is afraid of the larch because such a larch killed its father during the flood. Its bones were later found on the Logar fields.

On Grohot

The Grohot mountain lodge below Mt Raduha (1,460 m) is a pleasant mountain shelter on the Grohot mountain pasture, below the northern walls of Raduha. The lodge is an element of the Solčava Panoramic Road, however, not its primary section which may easily be conquered in a single day – the walk along the blazed hiking trail, or via the road from the Bukovc excursion farm that takes no longer than 45 minutes. In summer or winter, guests are invited to sit on the terrace and enjoy the warm and pleasant rays of sun while delighting in the local delicacies while children play with the wooden sheep.

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