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The Robanov kot valley

Robanov kot is a settlement and glacial valley reaching all the way to the foothills of Mt. Ojstrica. It is located along the road between Luče and Solčava. The settlement of Robanov Kot lies along the Savinja. Also part of the settlement are the individual solitary farms on the slopes of Mt. Raduha (2,062m) and Mt. Strelovec (1,763m). The Robanov kot valley – under the landscape park protection since 1987 – reaches as far as the foot of Mt. Ojstrica (2,350m) and is surrounded by the peaks of Mts. Krofička (2,083m), Križevnik (1,909m) and Molička peč (2,029m).

Robanov kot is a true hidden jewel of Slovenian Alpine valleys, hosting far fewer visitors compared to the neighbouring Logar Valley. Its natural beauties, tranquillity and inaccessibility make Robanov kot a sanctuary in between the mountains, which have assisted in preserving the heritage of the solitary Alpine farms until today. Here, there are no holiday cottages – only solid mountain farms.