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The Matkov kot valley

Matkov kot is a small valley, measuring 5km in length, nestled between the Logar valley and Austria within the rim of the glacial valleys in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Austrian border, which was established only after the conclusion of the First World War.

It is the smallest of all the Solčava Region valleys (the other two being the Logar Valley and Robanov kot), and is somewhat removed from the main routes. This peaceful valley was also named after the ancient Matk farm located along one of its faces – namely, Matkov kot and is the home of four Alpine farms.

According to legend, there was a glacial lake at Matkov kot centuries ago. The water was enclosed by a natural dam, which broke, draining the waters from the lake at Matkov kot. The stream coursing through the valley is still called Jezera (lakes), reminding us of the valley’s ancient image.

The main attraction in the valley is the Matkov škaf, a crater like snow funnel carved in summer by a powerful approx. 40 m tall waterfall.