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Logar Valley – Solčava Region

Three valleys in harmony

The Solčava panoramic road leads across an independent geographical area by the name of the Solčava Region along the border between Slovenia and Austria, in the upper basin of the Savinja in the Upper Savinja Valley, nestled amidst the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karawanks.

The trail leads through unspoiled nature offering breath-taking panoramas of immense peaks and lush valleys while simultaneously telling the tale of the symbiosis of pristine nature and human ingenuity.

The Solčava Region consists of the village Solčava and settlement Podolševa as well as three parallel glacial Alpine valleys, considered amongst the most beautiful in Europe. Namely, the most recognisable and most frequently depicted Logar Valley as well as the less known, however, just as spectacular and unique valleys of Robanov kot and Matkov kot. The Logar Valley and Robanov kot are protected areas due to their extraordinary features and have been declared a landscape park. Together with Natura 2000 the protected natural area altogether covers 80% of the Solčava region.

What is more, the area is also known for its abundant cultural and ethnological heritage. The basic housing characteristics of the Solčava Region are the traditional high-altitude subsistence farms telling a story of the magnificence and strength of the people from Solčava.

The locals have preserved their identities through fairy tales, and stories evolving into legends and myths, dance, song and music. Also an important element of tradition in the Solčava region is the zither, an instrument which has remained popular at many such Alpine farms until the present day.

Solčava is characterised by the harmonious union of three valleys as well as spectacular nature and meticulously-planned tourist activities. In 2009, the destination was awarded the title of "European Destination of Excellence" in the field of tourism and protected areas.

At the Solčava Region website, there is plenty of information on the experiences and activities available in the Solčava Region along the Solčava panoramic road.